Join Smunchkin and his little brother Nano as they help all of their friends prepare for a big storm coming their way! You will meet funny bunnies, hungry frogs, wise owls and even a scary snake! This story depicts how two brothers care for their friends and learn how to cheer each other up with a smile and a laugh, protect each other, forgive each other, share, listen, trust, help, offer advice and become selfless in their journey around the backyard. 


Smunchkin Teaches Friendship is:

  • Hardcover
  • 10" x 8" 
  • 31 Pages 


Smunchkin Teaches Friendship

  • In book number two, Smunchkin will teach you and his little brother Nano about friendship at the same time! Smunchkin and Nano encounter all living creatures both high and low to help teach you how to make friends and keep them.

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