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- Danielle Saintard Valiente, Author -

Danielle Saintard-Valiente's life got a whole lot better once she went dog-lover with Cooper in 2011 (also known as Smunchkin). Danielle is an entrepreneur who enjoys all creative outlets such as designing, writing and public speaking. Danielle currently lives in Wilmington, NC with her husband Jean-Pierre and her two-year-old dog, Cruz (also known as Nano) - the baby brother in Smunchkin Teaches Friendship. Danielle hopes to continue spreading important messages through writing to children - the ones she knows will change the world.

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- Nick Bode, Author -

Nick Beaudoin considers himself fortunate to have an amigo like Smunchkin.

Inspired by his raw energy and enjoyment for every moment in life, Nick decided

to follow suit and pursue his dreams of travel. He now spends his days expanding

his comfort zone and crossing items off his bucket list – which now includes

“writing a book.” At the moment, Nick lives on a houseboat in Washington, DC.

He hopes his writing will help people of all ages follow their dreams – whatever they may be.


Nick’s adventures can be followed at:

- Cooper (aka Smunchkin), Inspiration -

Smunchkin, a nickname for Cooper, was a very cool dog who liked to learn and teach lessons to his friends, like you! Raised in Wilmington, North Carolina, Smunchkin had 7 amazing years where he was able to put more smiles on people's faces and give more love than his Mom ever thought was possible!

Known for his cuddles, athletic abilities and intelligence, Smunchkin will never be forgotten. Now, The Smunchkin Series will keep his legacy alive.