The Smunchkin Series is an educational series created to help children learn important life lessons through the stories of animals - with a cute puppy as their guide! Children will laugh and learn as Smunchkin transforms into new animals, embracing all of their best qualities in the process.

Within these lessons, you will find humor paired with fun animal facts, geography and vocabulary. Join Smunchkin on his adventures, as you and your children learn to be loyal, brave, and great friends, together!

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My kids love these books.

The lessons of Smunchkin being brave & trying new things has been instrumental in our household.

It even helped my 5 year old conquer his fear of swimming!

Smunchkin Learns Bravery is the perfect blend of education and excitement. My students love and laugh at all of the animals, and still learn about geography and how to face all of their fears. 

-Becky, Mother of 3

- Jess, 2nd Grade Teacher

Smunchkin is curious and cute.

- Raiden, age 5

Smunchkin is adventurous and funny!

- Richie, age 7

I love Smunchkin!

- Lola, age 6